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Manuscript Mastermind Meetings to Improve Your Story

Our monthly Manuscript Mastermind groups offer feedback on your pages, deeper craft discussions and learning, and a day-to-day community where you can interact with other Masterminders, build your network, find support, and receive early access to classes and writing sprint live streams.


Masterminds can engage regularly with Shirley, get their writing questions answered, and become part of an exclusive community of other writers who are striving to write their best possible book.

$49 for one class or $37.99/ month for complete access.

The first 5 authors to submit pages are guaranteed to receive feedback. Others will be evaluated if time allows in the class. Submissions are limited to 5 pages max.

Professional Critique​

Get a comprehensive and professional developmental analysis of five pages of your manuscript from a New York Times bestselling author with more than thirty years of experience. Receive constructive feedback and recommendations to enhance your storytelling.
$399 for a 5-Page Comprehensive Critique
*Restricted to 5 Authors per month

Monthly Fiction Classes

Join our exclusive monthly fiction video classes and get the writing tools you need, along with developmental editing feedback. Plotting, Scene and Sequel, Show Not Tell, Character Development, and more will be covered. Every class will include interactive discussions, Q&A, and opportunities for personalized critiques.
$49.99 for one class or $24.99/ month for the entire program

Meet the Mastermind

Shirley Jump, author of Writing Compelling Fiction, is an award-winning, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and USA Today bestselling author who has published more than 80 books in 24 countries. She has spoken all over the world about the power of narrative and how to create compelling books. As a former reporter and communications director for a marketing agency, she uses her diverse background to help clients create impactful books that readers can’t down.

On her Youtube channel @WritingCompellingFiction, she unlocks the secrets behind compelling novels and delves into the psychological aspect of overcoming creativity- stoppers like doubt and perfectionism. Follow her channel for more writing exercises, classes, and behind-the-scenes writing lessons or join her Manuscript Mastermind to build your tribe of like-minded writers and receive crucial feedback on your pages. Contact Shirley today if you have a writing question you’d like to see answered.

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